gamzouAssaf Gamzou started publishing “Saharoori” (Moonstruck), a monthly satirical comics magazine, at the age of 20. He later on attended the “Ofakim” Scholarship program at Tel-Aviv University, where he majored in Jewish Philosophy and Comparative Literature. Upon graduation with honors and accepting a teaching certificate, he started teaching Jewish Philosophy and History to High school students. In 2013, he started teaching at the School of education at Tel Aviv University. In 2014 he was appointed curator of the Israeli Cartoon Museum.


waldmanJT Waldman is a comic book creator and digital designer based in Philadelphia. He is best known for his graphic novel, Megillat Esther, published in 2005 by the Jewish Publication Society. Most recently, he collaborated with the late Harvey Pekar on the graphic novel, Not the Israel My Parents Promised Me. JT offers workshops and lectures on topics including: Jewish art, educational technology, visual narratives, and Midrash. He also contributed to two books that detail the intersection of comic books and Judaism, From Krakow to Krypton and The Jewish Graphic Novel. To learn more about JT and his work go to www.JTWaldman.com.